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March 15, 2023
Homelessness Up by a quarter
March 15, 2023

Manna House in Kendal to host homeless shelter Pods

Pop-up accommodation to house entrenched rough sleepers is helping tackle homelessness in Sheffield.

“It’s a small, lovely little hut with a bed, chemical toilet, and a USB socket. 

“For a homeless person in cold weather, it’s a potential life saver.

“It will keep someone safe, from bullying or injury, or from losing the few possessions they may have.

“There is a coded lock to protect the person inside.

“This pod is a stepping stone to a more permanent solution for someone who is rough sleeping.

“It’s about helping someone tackle the reasons they may find themselves in this situation.

“For instance mental ill health, addiction, job loss, financial difficulties, or relationship breakdown. 

“These pods, made by charity Amazing Grace Spaces, are in use all over the country, with great success.

“We feel sure it will add to the safety of our community, too. 

“We are in the process of installing CCTV and writing policies and procedures which will keep us all feeling secure.

“Once SLDC signs off on these we’ll be able to host one guest at a time for up to three nights. 

“We plan to have an open house in January for anyone who wants to see the pod, or to ask us any questions in person.”

Manna House provides support for people throughout South Lakeland, in the form of advice, advocacy, and a drop-in support centre for those who are homeless, vulnerable, lonely, or in need of help.

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