With rents below market average, low energy costs and rapidly available, these are a real alternative for small families in crisis which only other options are bed & breakfast accommodation.

Providing an innovative housing module to help those in need of accommodation. With 2 main units of 20ft studio apartment and 40ft self-contained 1 bedroom apartment with bedroom, shower room, fully fitted kitchen, living area and balcony.
These units can be placed on a permanent site or on brown field sites or even meanwhile sites. Using Module Times in a creative and innovative way, can offer those that cannot obtain accommodation a quick and viable option.

One Bedroom Modular Home

We have proved that having your own space to deal with life’s challenges, rewards not only the individual but society as well. Living in hostels, night shelters and shared living is not working for the vast majority, in the main because people are not the same and all have different challenges in life.
Many people are rejecting hostels because of addictions and safety concerns and as a result, tents are popping up all over the country.

We would love to talk to you about our modular homes & would welcome you to get in touch with us.