Our vision
Where the homeless are not sleeping rough on the street. Any person faced with homelessness gets a safe place to sleep and the wrap around support they need for their individual circumstances to realise their potential and avoid becoming homeless again.
Our Mission
To give people in crisis a Safe Space to Recover by providing access to innovative affordable quality accommodation or emergency shelter.
We will help individuals in crisis to embrace change and support them to recovery with an holistic approach.
We will support this change from inside out so the individual becomes a healthier person through their personal options and choices.
We will work in partnership with other agencies to support people when their needs are complex and a multidisciplinary approach to recovery is required for their individual circumstances

Amazing Grace Spaces partnering with local churches on the project is really important.
We believe engaging in meaningful relationships with those on the edge of society.
Each church community would host a tenant through friendship and support. We have a number of volunteer opportunities if you have
skills or experience that you think could helps us deliver our objectives and mission, please get in touch.
Amazing Grace Spaces is registered charity.
If you would like to support us financially
please contact us.

Fund raising