Amazing Grace Spaces believe that nobody should ever have to experience homelessness

You Can Help!

There has been much good work done in Wales in recent years to prevent and address homelessness, but the numbers of street homeless have continued to grow.  Anyone can become homeless – it only takes one trigger – that could be a family breakdown, redundancy, benefits changes or domestic abuse.  We offer support and a safe space for people to recover.  Help us make them safe so they have the chance to recover and grow.  Please donate now.

Providing a safe space to recover

A world where the homeless are not sleeping rough on the street. Any person faced with homelessness gets a safe place to sleep as well the support they need for their individual circumstances, to realise their potential and avoid becoming homeless again.
Our mission is to develop and provide innovative sustainable affordable quality accommodation and emergency shelter for those in need – to partner with other homeless services to ensure homeless people have access to support & a safe space to recover.

Amazing Grace Spaces Operate In Several Distinct Areas


It may be just 8ft X 6ft – with a bed, light, toilet & USB socket but for a homeless person, it’s a potential life saver.


Providing a innovative housing module to help those that need accommodation. 1 & 2 bedroom apartments created for those in need as a real alternative to bed & breakfast accommodation.


Offering individual support plans in addition to living within a community where individuals can live & grow together.


Getting Involved

Amazing Grace Spaces partnering with local churches on the project is really important.
We believe engaging in meaningful relationships with those on the edge of society.
Each church community would host a tenant through friendship and support. We have a number of volunteer opportunities if you have
skills or experience that you think could helps us deliver our objectives and mission, please get in touch.
Amazing Grace Spaces is registered charity.
If you would like to support us financially
please contact us.