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NEWPORT’S award-winning charity Pride in Pill hit a new record after feeding over 100 homeless people last weekend.

Pride in Pill volunteers struggled to keep up with demand after reaching a record high for feeding homeless people across Newport City Centre on Sunday, April 21.

The volunteer group fed around 100 people with help from local businesses such as Gregg’s, Sainsbury’s, Lahore, USA Chicken, Pompadoms and Atlantica snack bar.

Pride in Pill chairman and founder, Paul Murphy has said that the impact of the cost of living is seeing a rise in homeless people across the city centre.

“We saw a high demand on Sunday, where we fed over 100 people, and we gave them clothes and hot drinks.

“If we didn’t go out on a Sunday evening they could be starving or cold it is hard and all we are doing is doing the best we can to keep them happy.

“We have seen everything while out feeding the homeless and it is getting worse out there, and I don’t know what we are going to do, you can’t blame the council as they are doing the best they can do.”

Mr Murphy has seen a 20 per cent increase in homeless people in Newport since launching the foundation in 2019. He has gone from feeding between ten and 20 people to 100 in the space of five years.

The volunteer group handouts a food bag which contains 20 items, they also hand out 15 hot meals a week along with 40 meal tickets a week and a trolley full of both men’s and women’s clothing.

Due to the ongoing cost of living crisis and rise in rent and utility bills he has seen more people become homeless and is struggling to keep up with the demands.

He added: “A lot of people are coming to Newport after the homeless tell their friends and we are struggling to keep up with the demands.

“On Sunday we had to pop into the shop to buy extra sugar, we gave out all the hot and cold drinks and we want to thank Burger King for the milk.

“I can’t thank the volunteers, restaurants and community enough as without that support we wouldn’t be where we are now, we are so lucky to have amazing support.”

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