AGS have partnered with Green Pastures to provide Grace house to support the ladies when leaving rehab, prison or where homeless on the street. AGS is the only Green Pastures accommodation for ladies in Wales.

It has been a privilege to develop the housing model for Amazing Grace Spaces in Newport it has been both challenging and exiting. In 2019 Green pastures purchased a 5 bedded property for Amazing Grace Spaces (Grace House) in Newport by December 2019 the property had been refurbished to an excellent condition we were able to take 4 residents into Grace house on the 2nd of December 3 of the ladies were homeless.

We hope shortly to extend our provision with another house offering another 4 beds.

We currently have accommodation for ladies. While working in a residential rehabilitation program for 2 years I realised ladies who had recovered from addiction were going back to the same place they had lived before coming to the program they would be drug free retuning to homeless or going back to a bad relationship. This was devastating to see. We were setting up Amazing Grace Spaces where I shared regularly with the Trustees the sadness of no support for the ladies who had worked hard to change their situations. “

We treat and encourage ladies to be individuals, supporting them in their strength’s encouraging them to develop the areas they struggle with. We encourage community where staff, volunteers and residents at the house walk the journey together. It is a privilege to be part of the lady’s journey to see the ladies as they develop and grow.

We offer in-house counselling to each of the ladies at the accommodation. This service allows the ladies a safe confidential, non-judgmental space to work through and process their trauma, to stop and reflect issues in their life they are facing that would stop them moving forward. To explore feelings of negative thinking and explore coping mechanisms. An opportunity to share with a professional counsellor, is an important part of the lady’s in recovery ladies can suffer with mental health issues, abuse and trauma. The sessions are focused, and goal orientated allowing the ladies to set small achievable goals which build up their motivation, self-esteem, and confidence. 


We provide 2 members of staff 5 days a week offering 30 hours of support. We provide out of hours support, when staff are not available for maintenance or if there is a crisis. Staff fill in forms, register ladies with doctor and dentist. Staff provide one to one sessions and group work with residents. Staff have house meetings once a month and carry out room checks. Staff arrange birthday treats for each resident. We take ladies out for breakfast once a month, arrange outings through the year. Staff are there to listen to residents, treat them with respect, stand with them and provide a good standard of care.

Funding in 2022 allowed us to declutter and landscape the garden at Grace house. We have a lady who comes to the house to look after the garden. She encourages the ladies to get involved in working with her in the garden, getting them involved in the planning, tidying and growing flowers and vegetables. We were able to purchase a shed and a BBQ. Extra funding from Gwendoline and Margaret Davies Charity has allowed us to have a new kitchen the beginning of 2023 to lay a decking area and a roof will be complete.