It may be just 8ft X 6ft – with a bed, light, toilet & USB socket but for a homeless person, it’s a potential life saver.

It may be just 8ft by 6ft – with bed, toilet and USB socket – but for a homeless person it’s a potential life saver. The Amazing Grace Spaces pod – officially an Urban Emergency Sleep Pod – has a coded lock to protect the person inside.
They are not the final answer, but while someone is waiting for permanent accommodation, they know they are safe from bullying or injury or losing the few possessions they may have. They also give members of a church the opportunity to minister to them in a loving and caring manner.’
We recommend that 2 pods are sited together, in an area that allows solar panel charge (not under cover). This also allows for the guests that are using them to have the comfort and security of having someone close while maintaining their own space.
Access is controlled via a coded smart lock.
The pods can be sited in car parks, behind shops, church grounds – in fact, almost anywhere as they are full self contained and easily installed.

De-mountable pods

We have now designed a new demountable version that comes in panels that are made ready for either inside or outside.

Specification is the same, but square and has colour coated steel corner profiles for protection and weather.

These therefore can be delivered to a site that has difficult access , please contact us for further information.