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Our floral, vegetable &lawned sanctuary thanks to our volunteers

At Amazing Grace Spaces, we are forever thankful to our volunteers, who add so much value to the daily lives of our residents. In particular, our gardener, Lois, really is a Godsend who, despite homeschooling 2 young children, finds the time to bless Grace House with her green fingers. The children also love to come to ‘help,’ screaming with glee when they find caterpillars, worms and

Lois answered the call for a garden angel and she has done some amazing work! What was once a wilderness, is now a floral, vegetable and lawned sanctuary for our ladies, who relish the time to sit, reflect and heal in the natural oasis of the Grace House garden retreat.

The garden has also given the house a harvest of runner beans, cucumbers, nasturtium flowers for garnishing food and 2 beautiful pumpkins (to name a few), aside from the fresh flowers that adorn the dining room table, making meal times a pleasure.
Thank you, Lois for all you do! We are eternally grateful.

If you have any skills that you would like to impart to our ladies, please get in touch. We are always grateful for help with moving our ladies on to living independently. We would especially welcome skills based around employability, cooking on a budget, budgeting finance and nutrition, fitness & exercise; however, we welcome all offers of help, so please call or email and we can have a chat.

Suzanne Smart
House Manager/Support

As our bed space capacity has increased we are accepting applications from potential residents. More information and applications can be found here

We are unable to accept donations of bedding as part of our program involves allowing our residents to purchase their own, which contributes toward a sense of empowerment.

We do encourage our supporters to consider a financial donation to wards items such as bedding, clothing and the long period of time where our residents find themselves without any government benefits. Any amount is appreciated and donations can be made quickly and easily here

We have a great deal of work to do at Naomi House, from gardening to painting, building maintenance, carpet laying and beyond! If you feel that you would help us refurbish this property in any way, please let us know.

You can contact us in different ways here

Further information can be found here