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I am married to Marline, and have 2 children. I am a trustee of Amazing Grace Spaces and have been one since the start of the charity in 2017.  AGS has made a tangible impact on those using its service and has been tireless in its efforts to bring service providers and local authorities together for the benefits of those in need.

My role as the pastor of Vine Community Church Cardiff, based in the centre of the city made it possible to incorporate into our vision a heart and ministry for the homeless and those affected by substance abuse.

Also being the Managing Director of Targeted Performance Initiatives, has afforded me the opportunity to work as a mentor and coach with individuals across the spectrum from those experiencing homelessness to company executives.  I also deliver bespoke training/workshops to a wide range of organisations, including Further Education Colleges, Youth groups, Voluntary sector, Charities, Health Authorities, Universities.  Recent clients include Welsh Water, Companies House, London Metropolitan Police.

I am presently the chair of Southwest Prison Ministries my 35 years’ experience as a prison visitor made me aware of the effects of the rotating door, it was this that drove me to open a house for prison leavers.  The house based in Cardiff has been operating for four years.  Residents sign up for a development plan giving them the opportunity to access work, training, or education.

I have over 27 years’ experience of working in Further Education my last role being the Head of the School of Level 1 studies.  One of my achievements was the design and management of a community-based mentoring programme which significantly increased the retention and success of learners in the college.

I have been working on the Welsh Assembly’s Periodic Supported Standard Occupation Contract for 6 months with support from Green Pastures Wales Partnership. I have received training from Rent Smart Wales regarding changes for anyone providing rented accommodation in Wales. I have discussed the new Occupation Contract at Trustee level which has been signed off and worked with the Director and staff to implement the new contract for AGS to issue to residents after 31st March 2023 set out by the Welsh Assembly.