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I have been married to Sonya for 17 years and have two teenage daughters Grace & Lily.  We also sponsor a five-year-old girl, Blessing in Kissumu, Kenya.  With our church we sponsor a school in Manyatta, a slum district of Kissumu, in 2020 I visited the school on a mission trip, undertaking general maintenance work to classrooms etc.  It was fantastic on this trip to meet Blessing and her family.

Since meeting Stuart & Caroline Johnson through our church my wife and I have become involved with Amazing Grace Spaces, resulting in myself becoming a trustee.

I am a Civil & Structural engineer and a director of a consultancy in South Wales, we work within the residential sector and with Housing Association, RSL’s etc.  It is hoped that my design experience and involvement with Amazing Grace Spaces can assist in the design of pods / accommodation units, plus through work contacts it may be possible to form greater relationships with local housing associations. 

It is our intention for Stuart & I to work closely on the design of any new accommodation units, hopefully planning permitting we are intending to design and construct two timber ‘follow on’ units within the rear garden of Grace House.  Also, if we do take on any additional housing projects like Grace House, I would very much be part of the design team for any alterations / refurbishments.

Work, family, and my role with AGS generally keeps me very busy, I also like to try and stay as involved with my church and local community as much as possible.  I was recently involved in the refurbishment of our church to provide a new commercial kitchen, for a planned community feeding project & I volunteer with our local Youth Club on Friday nights and get involved in Youth ministry with the church.

I have worked with the Director to plan for scheduled work to be done at AGS second HMO contacting housing builders in the area who will supply employees to volunteer once the purchase is complete. I have worked on IT to upgraded software to make sure all computers are safely working across the charity.