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Celebrating our partnerships

Amazing graces spaces enjoys a successful and growing partnership with the UK charity Green Pastures.

Green Pastures is a social enterprise that was founded in 1999, and they’ve been chasing one ambitious goal ever since: ending homelessness.

They started from a local church in Southport, offering a home to those in need on our doorstep. Since then we have empowered churches and Christian organisations nationwide to house more than 10,000 people.

While the homelessness crisis is huge, we’re optimistic. We have seen amazing changes in people simply by giving them a key to their own home.

We make progress every day thanks to the help of local partners and income from our Investors. If we work together, we believe everyone can have a safe and secure home, and the support and care that they need.

We currently house and support over 1,500 people
We do this through a network of 96 local Partners, who offer ongoing support to those in need.

Our work is uniquely funded through investment
Our ethical scheme pays a return to investors and in return their funds enable our work to end homelessness.”

We share the vision of Green Pastures in a future without homelessness. Our partnership has already completed a substantial dwelling for women in addiction recovery and we are currently in process of finalising another two units in Newport which will allow us to house and support more in need.

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