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A Safe Place to Recover


A world where the homeless are not sleeping rough on the street – any person faced with homelessness gets a safe place to sleep – the wrap around support they need for their individual circumstances to realise their potential and avoid becoming homeless again


To develop and provide innovative sustainable affordable quality accommodation and emergency shelter for those in need – to partner with other homeless services to ensure homeless people have access to support & a safe space to recover


Our Values

Dignity – We will demonstrate genuine respect

Compassion –   We have understanding and will create a compassionate community to support you in a non judgemental  way

Faith  –  We will show moderation, love, mercy forgiveness, restoration and grace

Safety – we will help keep the homeless safe and foster stability in their lives

Opportunity –  We will work with those in crisis and develop new opportunities for people to realise their potential


Our Partners

Homeless Services Partners

Collaborative and Partnership working is important to our project objectives. We are committed to establish good practice and a firm foundation and strive to work in partnership with other agencies to enable homeless people to get the maximum support they need to recover and grow.


Corporate Partners and business in the community

We strive to make our communities a better place by supporting people in crisis. Please help us by supporting our work.  You can donate, sponsor, fundraise for us, lend employees, Charity of the Year partnerships.


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Our Projects

Service Users

We offer you stability, friendship, dignity, respect, life giving faith and a plan for new opportunities.  We are committed to developing low affordable housing options and creating safe spaces for when you are in crisis.

Emergency Shelter

Providing access to emergency shelter and support to people in crisis.  Amazing Grace Spaces has developed emergency shelter for people in crises

Sleeping Pods in Newport

It offers a safe space that is secure, warm and self-contained, with a bed, chemical toilet and phone charger.



Innovative Low Cost Housing

We aim to provide 10 sustainable low cost move on accommodation units for  people in crisis by 2020.  We are working towards partnering with other agencies such as Newport Council, Welsh Government and other housing service providers.

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Merthyr Valleys Homes

Women’s Support Group

A support group for women with facilitated group and individual counselling – befriending and mentoring volunteers – learning to prevent relapse and how to live a healthy lifestyle with family and friends.

Breakfast Club

Interaction and relationship building with entrenched homeless by providing breakfast club and befriending and mentoring opportunities with volunteers.


Our volunteers are regulars creating safe spaces and an amazing community.  You will gain skills that give you more opportunities in life.  There’s a space for you; please come and join us.


There has been much good work done in Wales in recent years to prevent and address homelessness, but the numbers of street homeless have continued to grow.  Anyone can become homeless – it only takes one trigger – that could be a family breakdown, redundancy, benefits changes or domestic abuse.  We offer support and a safe space for people to recover.  Help us make them safe so they have the chance to recover and grow.  Please donate now.


Innovative low cost housing – Modular Homes

We provide access to quality affordable accommodation in an innovative way by creating module homes made from shipping containers. These containers are an environmental solution to housing. They recycle-able and have limitless up-cycle possibilities. Very often the basic need is for affordable accommodation and can be the first obstacle for someone to overcome. Once this need is met and people feel safe, then they can look to the future with renewed optimism.

The project includes assessment, mentoring, training and work experience. We are committed to establishing a sound base, working towards sustainability.


Homes First Trading Subsidiary Company

Amazing Grace Spaces has a trading subsidiary company Homes First.  The Company supplies bespoke modular homes and sleeping pods to local Councils, Housing Associations and other housing providers.

Profits from the company go back into Amazing Grace Spaces so we can achieve our charitable aims and support homeless people.

Six modular homes have already been purchased by Wrexham local council and Merthyr Valleys Homes and are already in situ with some already tenanted.


Modular Homes sited by Merthyr Valley Homes
Modular Homes sited by Merthyr Valley Homes

How it works?

Everyone is unique and therefore recovery should be individualised supporting the whole person in a safe friendly and non judgemental and compassionate environment is key to our work and mission.

Residents receive…
Accommodation on License
Key Worker

Residents agree…
Licence terms ‘Dry House’
Standards of courtesy
At least 10 hours per week of work, volunteering or training as part of our 10+ programme

We also offer…

  • Secure Tenancy
  • Safe environment
  • Friendship and Befriending networks
  • Therapeutic, Practical & Spiritual Support
  • Volunteering and employment Opportunities

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Amazing Grace Spaces – Providing a Safe Space to Recover

Getting Involved

Amazing Grace Spaces partnering with local churches on the project is really important.

We believe engaging in meaningful relationships with those on the edge of society.
Each church community would host a tenant through friendship and support.

We have a number of volunteer opportunities if you have skills or experience that you think could helps us deliver our objectives and mission, please get in touch.

Amazing Grace Spaces is registered charity. If you would like to support us financially please contact us using the details or form below.

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