Amazing Grace Spaces

Amazing Grace Space’s mission is to provide a safe place to recover. Access to quality affordable accommodation, in an innovative way with homes made from shipping containers. Tenants will be offered support.  The project includes assessment, mentoring, training and work experience. AGS are committed to establishing a sound base, working towards sustainability.  We are in the early stages of establishing AGS, based on good practice and a firm foundation.

Our aim is for a pilot of 10 units, working in partnership with councils, organisations and local churches. Offering quality affordable housing for individuals and couples, we believe it’s vital and essential. We are excited to offer a program of excellence, to meet the needs of the most vulnerable and others hit by the cost of the housing in our towns and cities.

Living in a Box

Homes made from shipping container that can accommodate those that need their own front door and access to support when needed. Land that might otherwise lie idle for five years will be brought back into life and used to provide much needed affordable accommodation.

When the site comes to be redeveloped, the containers can be transferred to other locations. Inside the containers are transformed into self-contained studio flats, with double bedrooms, feature bathrooms, kitchen/lounge area and insulated walls. Shipping container homes have been used elsewhere including London, Bristol and are seen as a significantly cheaper housing option than bricks and mortar.

amazing-grace-community-box copy

A Safe Place

We are looking for ways to address the ongoing problem of homelessness in an innovative way, exploring ho to deliver and meet the needs of single people and couples housing accommodation requirements, at a low and affordable cost.

Safety, Support, Care, Work

Recovery is different for everyone and can be very personal. Whether its family problems, bereavement, debt, drugs or alcohol, everyone needs a safe place to do this.

This can be done in many ways; by support counselling, and a safe place to explore how this would work.

Very often the basic need is for affordable accommodation and can be the first obstacle to overcome. Once this need is met and people feel safe, then they can look to the future with renewed optimism.


Why containers?

  1. They are green, recycle-able and have limitless up-cycle possibilities.
  2. Availability and strength of shipping containers globally, plus they are scaleable, stackable and uniform in design.
  3. Cost effective, affordable in build and design.